Rational Systems provides complete and quick solutions for high quality polyurethane and plastic parts, using low cost molds, for both medium and large scale production runs.


Since 1981, Rational Systems has specialized in developing and producing high quality rigid polyurethane parts, using reaction injection molding (RIM) technology.

As an industry leader, and a global supplier of rigid polyurethane parts we believe that we can bring the best value by being active partners with our customers,

understanding their needs and supporting their project, form early stages of design and prototyping to final series production, assembly and logistics.


Rational is not restricted to RIM polyurethane. We offer a wide range of plastic material molding technologies, such as injection molding, silicon casting and more, all for the purpose of providing our customers the optimal solution in terms of quality and cost according to their needs and budget.


Rational Systems has two production sites, the main plant and headquarters is locates in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel, in a 45,000 square feet facility.

Rational Systems is ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, and ISO 13485 Certified.


Company departments are:

•        Polyurethane parts production by R.I.M

•        Injection Molding

•        Mold design & production

•        Engineering and Design

•        Functional Prototypes

•        Composite materials

•        Wet Painting

•        Assembly

•        Project Management & Sourcing

•        Quality Assurance.

Technologies and materials:

1. Reaction Injection Molding (R.I.M)

We make rigid Polyurethane parts of various sizes, 3mm thick or more, weighting up to 45 kg's in a single injection.

The technology is well-suited for molding complex geometries, tight tolerance requirements and high cosmetic specifications.

Parts can be made of foamed or un foamed materials, which include threads, painting and a high level of finishing.


2. Injection Molding Thermoplastic

Rational Systems are not restricted to RIM polyurethane only. We offer other plastic material molding

technologies, such as injection molding ,silicon casting and more, in order to provide you the optimal solution in terms of quality

and cost for your needs. ABS, PC-ABS, PP, POM, ULTEM, Soft parts TPU, TPE, Silicon, and more (done in our sites in China).


3. Functional Prototypes

Manufacturing of functional prototypes, small production batches, and one-off enclosure sets, by CNC and 3D printing.

Using variety of materials like PC, ABS comply with UL-94V0 for medical devices.

High quality, quick feedback and supply service and support along the process from design assistance to finish parts and delivery.

unique capabilities for large scale systems parts.


4.Composite Materials

Manufacturing of big parts or small runs, made from Polyester or Epoxy, reinforced with glass fibers .Done by hand layup. High quality finish.


5. Painting& Shielding:

Painting of plastic parts by wet spraying and air-drying.


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